About Us

Literatease ( Li ter ah tease ) is a review blog started by three women with a number of passions in common, the most notable among these being the written word, tea, and the odd side of popular culture.

On Literatease you can expect to find some interesting book reviews, criminal amounts of brewed beverages, a bit of writing, and a terminal fear of the ever-looming deadline.

Long live the ladies of 42B!

Eleanor is a red-headed goddess with a talent for playing with words the way David Bowie has been known to play with crystal balls. She is always very gracious and helpful when it comes to explaining them to the rest of us.

Hillary is short–like, really short–and she swears a lot. She likes to punch holes in her body for decorative purposes, but has exactly zero pain tolerance. She somehow intends to teach children someday. Her personal blog is LemonadeGrenade.

Marisa is quite possibly the sweetest person you’ve ever met. Or read reviews from. She loves horror, and once wore a scary thug clown tshirt to deliver a thesis because theme is important, okay? She sat through all of Legend and didn’t throw anything at the screen.

Personal blurbs coming soon.


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